The Feedforward Interview: An Innovative Performance Review

  The annual performance review is a regular part of business, but it might be in need of a performance review itself. Are your performance reviews productive? Could they be improved?   Researchers are now suggesting a new method of conducting performance reviews, called the Feedforward Interview, which focuses on an employee’s best moments.  

A must have 4 Employee Development Goals to Work Towards

For any organization to grow, it has to come up with realistic employee development goals. These goals should reflect the strategy that the company wants to follow in order to achieve its objectives. One of the most common mistakes that many companies make is that they demand improvement from their employees without setting the goals.

How To Create The Worst Employee Training Experience Ever

This article was originally published on e-Learning Industry. Training is a critical tool in building employee knowledge and a great way to retain and empower your team. While it takes many forms, and exists in a variety of venues, training is essential in order to foster your business’s vision, and maintain a competitive edge in

How to Develop an Organizational Training Strategy in 2 phases

In order to develop an effective organizational training strategy, it’s important to follow a process that will help to identify the core requirements of your organization in terms of personnel training and qualifications. This process can typically be broken down into two phases. The first phase involves creating an effective training plan, while the second