Organizational Training Plans – 5 Key Factors to Consider

  The internet has revolutionized how, when and what kind of work we do. Performance is no longer measured by how much time is spent on a task, rather, employees, are expected to give everything they have of themselves to complete a project, regardless of how much time it takes.   Employees now must be

Infographic: How to Create an Engaging Employee Training Video

Training videos are a popular tool among HR professionals. However, a good way to lose your audience during training is with a poorly produced, boring, monotone informational videos. A good training video should typically engage employees with creative, natural and concise dialogue. This infographic by explains the do’s and don’ts of creating employee training

Training & Organizational Development : The Times They Are A Changin’

Training and organizational development is critical in modern business due to the cooperative nature of business models and dynamics, as well as the always-evolving technology and industry standards in any field. So, given how important it is, it’s best to always keep an eye on changes and revolutions in this field, and be ready to adapt

Organizational Training Needs – Transferring Needs to Objectives

So, you’ve taken the time to assess your group’s organizational training needs. This is something you as a leader must do on a regular basis, as leadership is all about directing people through organizational learning as they adapt to your guidance. As a leader, this is a hallmark of your skill and plying your craft. Well,

How to Develop Organizational Development Training Strategies – 3 Tips for Getting Started

Organizational development training strategies are a chore to design and implement. Nobody in any industry or corporate culture would begin to try to debate otherwise. With so many things to consider, the worst of which being human element, it’s a logistical headache, and one of the greatest trials of leadership in general.

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