Some Great Employee Learning and Development Ideas

Employee learning and development is one of those things that’s perpetually going on in any working environment with a hierarchy. Most often associate it with actual declared and scheduled training sessions (something often met with audible sighs). However, any environment with leadership and group dynamics involves the constant shifting of ways of thinking and perspective in

5 Employee Training and Development Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Employee training and development is a very organic thing, and whether you realize it or not, if you’re in any kind of leadership position or group dynamic, you’re initiating and undergoing it at the same time. It’s easy to think of training as something that only happens when an actual, deliberated training session is discovered to

Effective Employee Training Techniques

Allright everyone.  The time has come to talk about some effective employee training techniques. This blog have spent more time than I care to recall talking over and over about organizational learning models, gamficiation, knowledge management and the whole shebang, so we won’t even touch those today, mostly. We’re going to talk about individual and model-independent

Making Company Training Programs More Engaging

Company training programs are something, the mere mention of which often brings audible groans and sighs from everyone. And why shouldn’t it? In most modern environments, training is feels like just a chore for everyone, managers and employees alike. The workers don’t want to be there because they’d rather do their job they were hired for,

Instructional Design Methodology and Strategy

So, a new buzzword has arisen on the internet, in training circles, that being instructional design methodology. Is this something real, or is it just another fluff word that means nothing, used as a sticker to make a product seem shiny or trendy? If it is real, what is it, and can we use it? Is