Why Gamification Works SO WELL For Onboarding

Businesses are on a never-ending quest to attract and retain top talent. Unfortunately, a company’s growth and success aren’t always the driving factors behind the hiring saga. Businesses lose nearly a quarter of all new employees within a year. This turnover is costly in terms of slowed performance and rehiring expenses. With the average cost

Hatsize Launches Next Generation Training Lab Platform

Hatsize, the leading provider of global training labs for software and hardware products, today launched Hatsize 4.0, the latest release of their flagship cloud-based training lab product, which includes a new, intuitive and highly interactive interface for instructors and students called Hatsize Lab View, which is designed to help students and instructors optimize their learning

Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Organizational Learning

Finally, we come to a topic that sounds decidedly more involved than it really is, exploration and exploitation in organizational learning. That’s a mouthful isn’t it? Well, we’re talking pretty much about observing the people within your group as units, and getting to know their strengths and their weaknesses. It’s about exploiting their strengths to offset

What is Corporate Leadership? Establishing a Culture of Learning and Growth

What is corporate leadership? I hear and read a lot of debate on the definition of corporate leadership, and what it entails and applies to. Many schools of thought look to corporate leadership as a leadership presence with entrepreneurial gusto, great business wits and excellent skill with monetary management. A business wizard if one will,

The Benefits of Corporate Training – Staff Retention and Satisfaction

It occurs to me that while this blog has looked a lot at what can go wrong in corporate training, and the various organizational models and theories that it entails, we need to look more at the guaranteed benefits of corporate training, in particular this time to talk about staff retention and satisfaction. Of course,

Learning Management System Software – How it Changes Training

Training has changed in many significant ways in recent years. Learning management systems, a reflection of the cloud’s impact on company learning, have been one of the key drivers of change.  While training has had growing pains since the 1990s with the advent of organizational learning and other new training dynamics, it’s never embarked on

Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

What are the differences between knowledge management and organizational learning? Are there any? These are questions I see posted a lot on training blogs, forums and social networking hubs all the time. There’s a lot of ambiguity to organizational learning, to most people. So, what are the differences between knowledge management and organizational learning?