Guest Post: How to Rid Training of its Negative Connotation

“It’s time for training – so fun!” (said by no one ever). That’s the stark reality of training in today’s businesses, schools, and government entities. It’s boring. It’s long. It’s worse than a plane flight with a screaming toddler. As a trainer or teacher, I’m sure you’ve heard it all year. “We hate training”, “I

If Performance is Low, is Training the Appropriate Response?

Often, when job performance is falling short of expectations, managers resort to mandatory training sessions for their employees.  Either workers are sent offsite for instruction, or trainers are brought in to provide new training.  Yet one has to ask, when it comes to underperformance, is holding training sessions the most effective method for improving productivity?

Survey: Increased Spending on Employee Training

L&D spending is on the rise, a new survey has reported. According to a survey conducted by Chief Learning Officer magazine, allocated budgets for employee training and development is have increased, in order to meet the needs of an aging workforce and develop a younger generation of employees. CLO notes that even though  the training funds have

Employee Training as a Long-Term Process

John R. Aberle wrote an interesting post over at Yahoo Finance  about some tips for more effective employee training.  Aberle writes using stories (“stories engage the imagination”), getting learners engaged in the training (get them to tell you what they are taking away from the lesson as a review of what you covered”) and repetition

Forget Me Not – Critical Steps to Making Employee Training More Memorable

Benjamin Franklin said once “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Employee training professionals have to constantly overcome different challenges faced during employee training sessions, perhaps the most pressing being the retention rate of learners. Many of heard the “20 percent statistic”, that is that learners only

The Value of Simplicity in Employee Training

I wanted to write about something we all can appreciate – the art of simplicity. Innovation doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated. Sometimes, by simplifying the different work processes you can easily come up with new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions to your business problems. That’s why, when it comes to innovation, the best thing a