Learning The Types of Employee Training

  Enhancing employees’ knowledge is of utmost importance to organizations nowadays. If employees feel that they are receiving training and skills which both make them more knowledgeable and more able to perform their daily work at a higher level, they will feel more engaged and motivated. This reflects in their performance, and helps a firm

Don’t Overwhelm Employees During Training Sessions

A great opinion article by Tony Schwartz was published Saturday in the New York Times.  Schwartz, chief executive officer of The Energy Project and the author, most recently, of “Be Excellent at Anything”, came with a message of QUALITY over QUANTITY in terms of worker productivity.  In other words, from both the employee and supervisor perspective, allowing workers to

Welcome to the Training Station!

The Training Station is a new blog devoted to news, analysis and opinion about various issues related to workplace training and learning.  Like many in our day, the world of organizational learning and development is rapidly changing in the Internet Age and the evolution of business practices.  Let’s close the gap between training professionals and those