Interview with Gyutae Park on BYOD’s Impact on Workplace Training

As part of a series we started earlier this month on the impact of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy is having on workplace learning and development, I spoke recently with Gyutae Park, Head of IT at Money Crashers Personal Finance.  Gyutate is a BYOD expery, familiar with the range of policies in the business world

The Impact of BYOD on Workplace Training – An Interview with Matthew Sakey

As part of a continuing look at the topic of how the growing trend of BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device” to the office) is impacting workplace training, I spoke recently with Matthew Sakey, who has served as Creative & Instructional Design Supervisor, for the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS – since 2005. In his

A Look at How BYOD Impacts Workplace Training – Insights from Lawrence I Lerner

Recently, the Training Station blog reached out to several people to get their responses on how the increasing adoption of BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device” to work) is affecting employee training programs and strategy. Some of the questions posed looked at the various risks involved – both security and beyond – in company adoption of