Hello! My name is Jason Silver and I work as a Training Strategist at WalkMe. I spend my free time running the Training Station blog. AAEAAQAAAAAAAANhAAAAJGQ4OTM4MDcxLWEyZjctNDhhNy1iOTI3LTQwODdiMjk0NzJhOA (1)I’ve always been interested in education, in regards to both theory and practice. Something about the interaction between teacher and learner fascinates me. As I’ve grown professionally and amassed a great deal of experience working with different companies, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the best training practices in contemporary business. I want to share what I’ve learned and learn more from you all. I want this blog to serve as a source for news and a forum for discussion about some of the issues, challenges, and ideas that are relevant to the training and development of employees. The goal of this blog isn’t to simply throw my opinions at my readers. Rather, the goal of this blog is to engage, to generate dialogue so that we can work together to create the best possible training programs. If you’re interested, I would love to have you appear on my blog as a guest contributor. Together, we can create a bank of ideas that will help training strategist the world over. Connect with me through LinkedIn, or contact me via Google+! You can also email me at jason.s(at)walkme.com. Yours, Jason.