Infographic: How to Create an Engaging Employee Training Video

Training videos are a popular tool among HR professionals. However, a good way to lose your audience during training is with a poorly produced, boring, monotone informational videos. A good training video should typically engage employees with creative, natural and concise dialogue. This infographic by explains the do’s and don’ts of creating employee training

4 Mistakes Really Successful Companies Avoid During Employee Training

Every company offers some type of employee training. For new employees of course, training is needed to onboard them to workplace software, or to introduce them to overall strategy. Many times, training is provided to existing employees when something new is introduced to the company or when employees need to brush up on something such

Importance Of Training Employees For Organizational Success

Leading any organization towards a profitable future is best possible with the consideration of various features as per the requirement. More number of employees are willing to undergo advanced training programs in order to improve their personal performance. Meeting the varying job requirements on a regular basis too is something that is best possible with

Creating a Healthy Learning Environment in Employee Training

Having the right environment can take things a very long way. When you create an environment that enforces the right type of attitude and work ethic, you get a much more productive workforce. The same can be said about having a healthy learning environment for employee training. When you have the right environment, you help