Effective Time Management Techniques To Teach Your Employees

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Teaching your employees effective time management techniques can be an essential tool to guarantee you that time will be spent practically and wisely.   Without practical time management, you may actually find yourself having employees who are struggling to get project done by a deadline or getting essential work finished by the end days. Teaching them the skill that they need to manage their time can really improve their work performance drastically.   Inspiring your staff on how to develop good time management is actually not difficult as many people think. Getting work done efficiently will not only improve the performance of the company but it will also result to satisfaction of the workers because they will know that they did their best.   Some people are naturally good at time management and any skill you teach them will actually make them more productive. So why should you teach your employees time management skills? In this article will are going to focus on effective time management techniques that you should teach your employees to make them more productive.  

Effective Time Management Techniques


1. Delegation

Delegation of work is a very important time management technique that can really help to save time. You should teach your employees how to break their job into small steps that are easy to manage. When working alone, you will do less work but when you delegate your assignment to other staff, the work will not only be done faster but will also be done better.   Every person has his/her own unique abilities and when you share the work you will come to realize that work is done in a better way within the shortest time possible thus increasing the productivity of the company.  

2. Procrastination

Procrastination is usually as a result of fear of failure or even success or believing that you cannot do things perfectly. Indecisive and disorganized personalities tend to procrastinate. For effective time management, you should teach your employees the danger of procrastinating and why they should not even think of procrastinating their work. Procrastinating will not only consume a lot of time, but will also lower the productivity of the company.   Procrastination is actually not solving particular problem, but is avoiding it. The sad thing is that even if you run away from your problems today, you will wake up with more problems tomorrow. Your employees should never consider procrastinating as an option. They should thrive to tackle every problem head on no matter how tough the task may be. This will greatly save time.  

3. Prioritize

You must teach your staff how to make to do list and also how to categorize each job and prioritize according to their urgency or importance. Most employees take a lot of time doing things that are not a priority at that particular moment thus lowering the productivity of the company.   When you prioritize each assignment, you will not only have an easy time solving the important issues but will also ensure that clients get their issues solved on time. When you teach your employees how to prioritize their work, they will greatly save time that they would have otherwise used to do tasks that are not important.   293  

4. Freedom

Giving your employees freedom to be themselves cannot not only increase productivity but can also save time. Some employees work best by taking unpleasant tasks while some work best when they start doing their job from the middle. You should learn to appreciate that each member of your staff is unique each perform his/her work differently.   One important aspect of effective time management techniques is actually giving your employees freedom to be themselves. So long as the job gets done in a timely manner it actually doesn’t matter which steps they did first.   Some employees may work more efficiently if they take most urgent matter or difficult task and complete it first while others work best when their start with easy tasks then progress to difficult ones later. Studies show that employees perform at their level best when they are given freedom to do things their way. You cannot actually teach your employees to be free but you can allow them to be free when doing their tasks.    

5. Work must be done anyway

One aspect of time management technique is teaching your employees that work must be done; whether they dread the project for days of just accomplish the task right away. Teach them that work must be done in one way or another and hence they should not try to avoid them.   Let them know that how they approach each assignment given to them will make a difference in their performance review, promotion potential and earnings. When your employees know that, they will always strive to do quality work on time.  

6. Reward your employees

By rewarding your employees in small ways or having them reward themselves, you will greatly inspire them to get the job done efficiently and on time. every employee like to be recognized when they do great work and when you do so by rewarding them for their hard work , you will greatly boost their moral which will improve their quality of work and will also improve on their delivery time.  

7. Keep a log

When you first begin to teach your employees on time management, have your employees keep a log for a week of everything they do throughout the day, then have them analyze the log that they have kept and look for any time that was wasted each day .If you then help then to keep that wasted time to a minimal level, then you can greatly help them use that time to do something useful.   download-1


8. Create time management goals

Remember the focus on time management is actually changing your behavior not changing time. You should teach your employees on how to eliminate time waster. For instance, you can challenge them to set a goal of not taking personal call while working and see who much time they will save. By helping your employees create time management goals, you will help them be more productive and efficient in service delivery.   In conclusion, time management is very important especially if you want your company to be more productive and efficient in service delivery. Your employees may not know the importance of time management but if you teach them by following effective time management techniques mentioned above, you will see positive result in terms of service delivery.
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