Infographic: How to Create an Engaging Employee Training Video

Training videos are a popular tool among HR professionals. However, a good way to lose your audience during training is with a poorly produced, boring, monotone informational videos. A good training video should typically engage employees with creative, natural and concise dialogue. This infographic by explains the do’s and don’ts of creating employee training

5 Ways To Help Unproductive Employees

Productivity is an essential concern for any company. Employers and managers must ensure that employees are productive and that their actions contribute to the organization. So the question is: how can you help unproductive employees? How To Help Unproductive Employees Training employees is an integral part to fostering productivity in the early days of hiring.

The Best in Training

#1- The New Learning Manifesto Laura Martin writes that learning will be continuous, personalized and bit-sized. The concept of learning/training has changed dramatically and it has been adapted to the needs of the modern society – nowadays, employees are being given smaller chunks of information that are easier to digest. Also, the modern training techniques

Best of Training

1. 5 Things You Need to Know To Motivate Your Workforce Modern-day employees have different priorities and what fascinates them today isn’t what we once used to talk about. Employee motivation is an ever growing, dynamic sphere. Read this post by Gary Kunath to find out more about how to motivate a modern day employee. 2. How

2 Small Training Changes That Will Have Big Results

There is no denying that employee training is integral to any business. Keeping your employees up to date and knowledgeable is of utmost importance, especially in such a fast changing economy that is dominated with technological advancements. However, setting up a truly effective training program is easier said than done. A considerable amount of money