Your Employee Training Manual Template Guide

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Many business owners are planning to have employee training plan template for their businesses. If you want to improve your business performance, you have to give training sessions to your employees. You should create this training manual template for all of your employees. This template can be used to help all managers in your business to offer some training sessions for all staff members. There are some important things that you should include to this manual template. Here are some useful tips that you can follow, so you are able to create your own employee training template manual easily. Creating a template is not a difficult task. You don’t have to spend a lot of your time to create this template.

Before we get into the how, let’s talk about the why:

According to Bloomberg, around 11 billion dollars are lost every year due to employee turnover. This is particularly true for industries like Banking and Finance (13.3% yearly turnover), Hospitality (20.2% yearly turnover) and Insurance (11.2%). As we consider how employee training plan template helps to reduce the turnover rate, it follows that a well-developed training plan can help to reduce employee turnover. According to Dale Carnegie, companies whose employees are well engaged to outperform their competitors by over 200%. Employee learning and engagement is not possible without employee training, it follows that having a good employee training plan template in place in can help boost your company’s ability to engage its employees. Various research groups have also found out that Employees who undergo employee engagement and training have personnel who are 2.5 times more likely to work late if their help is required. Furthermore, they are also twice as likely to help their coworkers, three times as likely to do something good that is not expected of them and five times likely to recommend people they know for a job at the organization they work for. Employee Training Manual Template Finally, Gallup estimates that only about 13% of employees worldwide are engaged and subjected to employee training plan template. This is a very low number that requires the attention of companies and business leaders, because, without employee training and engagement, these companies will continue to have lower than average productivity. These statistics are not meant to convince you of the benefits of developing a training plan for engaging your employees. Instead, they are here to show you how training plans work and what their effects are on the organizations which adopts them. Although training tools, like employee training tracking software, can certainly boost training efficiency among your personnel, it will not be as effective is there is no employee training plan to organize everything into a cohesive system.

1. Write your business goals

When writing employee training manual template First, you may want to write your business goals. It is important to let your employees know about your business goals. They should understand all business goals that you have. This is very useful to let them do their best to provide the best result for your company. This step becomes very important for you, so you are able to design the right training sessions for your employees. Before you create your training manual template, you need to know your business goals. Make sure that your business goals are clear and specific.

2. Schedule the training sessions

This is another easy way to create the manual template for your employees training session. It is recommended that you schedule your training sessions for your business. Some experts recommend all business owners to have at least a training session for all employees once in every month. Once you schedule your events, you are able to setup your training sessions easily. You can manage all different topics that you are going to deliver to your employees.

3. Write down all important topics

You should write down all important topics in this template. There are some basic topics that are suitable for your employees, including social skills, marketing skills, negotiation technique, and some other business skills. Once they are able to improve their skills, they should be able to do their best effort to increase your business performance. You also need to choose the right topic that is suitable for your business. Different businesses may require different topics for their training sessions. They are some useful tips for you who want to create a great manual template. There are many benefits that are offered by this template. You don’t have to spend your time to create your training sessions regularly. Therefore, you have to create the best training manual that is suitable for your employees’ needs. Creating a good employee training manual, is the first step on the road to success. Employee Training Manual Template

Where To Find Some Great Employee Training Plan Template

You can find some popular training manual templates that are available on the Internet. Some templates are specially created to help all business owners create the best template for their training sessions. Here are some recommended places that you should visit.

Microsoft Office Online

This is a perfect place for all Microsoft users who want to get the best training templates. This place offers several template documents that you are able to download easily. Some documents are provided by Microsoft. Some other templates are offered by some other members.

This site has some interesting training manuals for all business owners. You are able to visit this site to get some templates for any training manuals. You are able to download some files from this site without any additional costs.


It is a famous company that provides documentation service for all business owners. You are able to see some template examples in this website. There are some training manuals that you can read from this site. When you are planning to create your training template, you should visit the official site of this company. You can find some great applications that are available today. Some apps are able to create this training template easily. It is important that you choose the best software that is suitable for your needs. This type of employee training tracking software is very useful to help you create your training sessions easily. Finding the right software is very essential for all business owners who want to create employee training plan template easily and quickly.
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