How to Increase Employees Motivation in the Workplace

A motivated workforce is critical for business success, where employee satisfaction really does go a long way. A top priority when considering your employees motivation is to keep them productive and engaged, which will generate numerous benefits on route to achieving business goals. There are many challenges and obstacles which prevent consistent maintenance of high-end

Training Program for Employees Sample: Why Employee Training Will Benefit Your Company

Employee training is often a problem area for companies, despite the unlimited potential of developing the workforce. Pulling employees from their current roles might interfere with daily operations, but when viewed from a long term perspective can be highly advantageous. Most companies lack the resources to be successful, but when companies can they will gain

Time Management Mistakes Which Are Best Avoided: How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Time management can have a direct influence over your daily duties. Have you ever considered how much more productive you’d be if you could simply allocate time more effectively? We’re all prone to time wasting, or diverting our attention from critical functions. Bad time management is a broad scope, covering everything from task allocation to

Leadership Training Activities for Employees: Benefits and Examples

Every organization needs inspiring leaders who can motivate staff, but identifying and developing the right people presents many challenges. Your best bet is to cultivate talent internally, who can progress firmly embracing organizational culture. Some people are natural born leaders, and others need to work at it, but organizations should offer the resources necessary to

Is SAP Concur All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

What is Concur? Concur is a cloud-based solution designed to improve process automation, integration, and analytics across various business processes, especially travel and expense. It usefully provides a modern user experience, with comprehensive mobile support which aligns with modern digital initiatives. Concur is one of the leading platforms for travel and expense management. It’s a