Welcome to the Training Station!

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The Training Station is a new blog devoted to news, analysis and opinion about various issues related to workplace training and learning.  Like many in our day, the world of organizational learning and development is rapidly changing in the Internet Age and the evolution of business practices.  Let’s close the gap between training professionals and those interested in the subject, and between trainers and learners. It is my hope, as we get things rolling, to bring you new posts each week, which will include training news, interviews with organizational learning experts, guest posts, infographics, top new training technologies, coverage of learning conferences, interesting new developments and more.   The goal is for this blog to serve as your stop that will unify various sources into one, allowing you to stay updated on all the latest. Your thoughts, comments and ideas are vital for the success of this blog.  There are other training blogs out there which have been around much longer, and many books and articles have been written about a wide variety of central topics.  On this blog, there is no one expert or one voice.  I truly hope that you will join and interact with me and fellow Training Stationers to create a vibrant and engaging conversation.  I encourage you to leave comments, whether they are great comments about a product or service you came across, a resource, article, list, or link you would like to share, or just a drop-in to say hello.  Criticisms or disagreements are always welcome as well. You can read a little about me in the About section, and I welcome you to follow the blog and interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you want to contact me directly, you may email me at Jason.si@walkme.com. With that in mind, welcome!
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog