What is Knowledge Management? The Benefits of a Knowledge Management Strategy

Knowledge is everything in this world. It enables us to advance across multiple disciplines, and provides a clear distinction between humans and animals. Knowledge is power. It allows us to make optimal decisions based on a heightened sense of good and bad. By making the most of the knowledge available to us, we’re positioned to

5 Key Factors Of Organizational Training Plans

  Organizational training plans can be tricky to work out. Anyone in a leadership position can vouch for this. When the time comes to teach a team, or entire company something new, especially something complicated, you can’t help but audibly sigh, knowing full well what a logistical nightmare this is going to be to properly

How Gamification Examples Can Help Your Organization

Gamification is a useful training technique for any organization that values employee development. Gamification examples, among many things, can be used as references or inspirations for creating new and unique gamification activities. Furthermore, they may also be used as tools for creating better training policies, or for introducing gamification strategies to existing training programs. The

7 Reasons Blended Learning is The Future of Training

By: Phil Bickerton, @SaxonsLearning What is blended learning? Organizations should consider training solutions for their employees, as it can not only develop important skills, but also help staff to stay motivated, maintain productivity, and achieve business goals, whilst staying ahead of the competition. There are several different forms of training companies should consider before jumping in.

5 Continuous Learning Tips That Worked For Me

For many years, most companies haven’t been embracing continuous learning. Training was always viewed as one time event, where employees completed a course, learned new techniques and then went back to their jobs where everything went back to normal. However, this is no longer the case today, companies are now working hard to implement a continuous learning

Effective Cooperative Learning Strategies

With the advent of new learning systems, freeing everyone from the tedium and misery of traditional classroom learning models, training has taken on a new life, and one in which it is much less maligned. So many new models, such as cooperative learning, have come around and proven much better for everyone involved. But, people