Development and Learning Leader: Your Job Has Changed!

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Learning and development in employee training has changed dramatically over the last few years. This change has brought in new ways of learning and tossed out many of the old ways that are no longer working. It is important for leaders and managers to make sure that their employees are able to learn and grow via training and seminars: if employees are not learning, they are not able to perform their jobs properly. Training should be viewed as something long term. Companies must invest in training to see any type of return on their investment. Training methods have changed drastically. While traditional classroom training is still relevant and needed, other methods such as blended learning, internet based learning, online presentations, and social media are needed as well. As the methods of learning change, learning and development leaders must change with them. Technology Technology is one of the many ways that learning and development leaders must evolve. As technology continues to ramp up, we must all get on board with it. Business leaders need to understand that people are relying more on their smartphones and other internet devices to do their work. That being said, learning through smartphones and other internet devices is becoming more common. Leaders must understand this and adapt to the changes that are being made. Your employees may prefer learning at the coffee shop on their tablet, rather than sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. Professionals must remain professional and flexible when it comes to information. Since information is readily available on the internet, it is important that trainers provide resources for employees to find this information. Trainers should give employees all the tools they need to succeed. Communication Trainers must open the doors of communication. Communication is a very important tool and without it, information can be misunderstood. As a trainer, you are responsible for speaking with your employees and helping them when they come to you. You can provide them with feedback when they need it and let them know when they are on the right track. Performance It is important for trainers to make sure that they are focusing on what is important here: the main goal of employee training and learning is to increase revenue for the company, increase productivity, and increase the performance level of employees. Trainers must make sure that they are constantly appealing to the needs of their employees. If the training session is geared towards a concept or topic that is not relevant to the scope of the employees work, they will not benefit from the training. To be able to provide a great training session, you must make sure that you are giving your employees the tools they need. This means giving them resources and providing them with training that they can access when they need help. The more time the employee puts into their training and learning, the more the company will reap in rewards. Most employees are not going to come to you and ask for additional training courses but if you offer training to them, they will take the opportunity to improve their skills. As a Learning and Development Leader, you must constantly be prepared for change and also be open to it. If you are not, you will not be able to successfully train employees. The whole point of training and learning is to boost revenues and productivity for the company. If employees are not learning, this boost is not happening. Provide engaging training sessions and adapt yourself to the evolving technology world. There are many different ways to train employees; as a learning and development leader, you must learn what is right for your classroom.


Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog