Employee Training Tracking Software You Should Use

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If you are looking for employee training software then one of the best ways to start about it is by looking at the reviews. These reviews can tell you a lot about what kind of features you can expect from each software, and how they can be used to improve your company’s employee training plan. So if you want to use training software to improve employee performance then here are several reviews that you should look at. Employee training tracking software is becoming pretty proficient, especially when it comes to SaaS deployment. Most people will make this realization, and greet it with an indifferent shrug, but I’m here to say that’s a bad mentality to have. Given the importance of employee training, there needs to be an easy way to track and manage employees, their progress and other metrics involving training. Remember all those talks we’ve sat and had about different learning models, and how you need some good software to plan your resources and people around your chosen model? And, remember how we agreed the most complicated part of that is managing the employees and all this data while training commences? Well, there are solutions for this now, and I’d like to make a few recommendations of employee training tracking software. You should use one of these, or you can use multiple ones, given their features overlap partially but not entirely. However, if you don’t already have employee training software of this niche in your repertoire, consider picking one of these up at least. Dollarphotoclub_58707503

 Importance of Employee Training Tracking Software to Use

#1 – EtQ EtQ is probably one of two choices for “if you use only one, use this one”, the following being the other. EtQ actually has several sets of software including FDA and Environmental Safety compliance software as well. The system offers a wide range of interoperability, importing and exporting all manner of data types and formats, as well and a very structured and secure link up for remote and mobile training. This one makes all that micromanagement a breeze, but it’s kind of hefty and expensive. If you’re looking to not spend a lot, or need leaner software, then you might want to look at one of the other two options instead. EtQ software is always a beast, but in a good way. #2 – Kaizen Kaizen is elegant simplicity. Kaizen is known for their excellent database design and implementation solutions, and have been providing proprietary database structures for countless businesses allowing data specialization that normal, boxed databases don’t or can’t offer. Kaizen is a down to earth, grassroots training records database with no unneeded bells and whistles, though that’s not to say it’s not powerful. If you like having more control and less layers in your way, then Kaizen is that simple, meat and potatoes software you really want. #3 – Allena (Micromango Software) Allena is a cross-platform employee training software of a more traditional design. While it’s not as simplified as Kaizen, it’s definitely simpler than EtQ, making it the best SOHO-class solution. It’s not SaaS, though it does in fact have online functionality and cloud abilities nonetheless. Allena is relatively new, and has a little less personality compared to the other two, but for the quick, half and half solution average businesses need, Micromango’s made a pretty good program, if austere. So, we’ve seen basically three scales of employee training tracking software. We saw EtQ’s enterprise solution, big, complex and powerful. We saw Allena, which is slightly dated looking but flexible and in that Goldilocks zone of automation versus manual control. And we’ve seen the very affordable grassroots Kaizen solution, which is pure, simple databasing at its best, excellent for small businesses and startups. #4 Ontuitive This training tool allows trainees to study and learn at their own pace. This software is based on practical learning experiences and features an embedded mark, which shows trainees what they should do next. It is also worth mentioning that Ontuitive is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. With the help of this tool, you will be able to increase your company’s employee engagement rate in a relatively short span of time. #6 Leo A training platform developed by Kryon Systems. It gives trainees and personnel real-time training assistance. The Leo platform also offers “live wizard,” which makes it easier for trainees to master new software. Kryon System’s Leo also reduces help desk requests as well as learning frustrations. This is also thanks to its live wizard feature which enhances performance support for all employees involved in the training. #7 Coachware A virtual assistant software that is designed to help users carry out various tasks. Although Coachware is not specifically meant to be used as a software, it is still a useful tool for training personnel. Employees are now able to complete tasks that they would otherwise have had trouble with. It is also worth mentioning that this software is a native web application, which means that it does not require any plugins or additional installations. So if you want to give your trainees their very own virtual assistants then this is the software you should choose. #8 WalkMe This particular employee training software allows you to overlay step by step instructions on your organization’s training website. The key here is in-work performance support. Your trainees will now be able to learn quickly and retain information.  This software allows personnel to quickly carry out unfamiliar online activities. #9 Kineo – is all about on-demand-learning assistance. It is also designed to reduce each trainee’s training and at the same time, teach them how to handle various tasks more efficiently. In addition to its features, Kineo can also be used as a custom e-learning platform, and you can use it as a tool for various training programs that your organization may plan to develop in the future. Finally, this software can also help improve workplace communications thanks to the software offered by the provider. Getting quality employee training software can help your company in several ways. For starters, it can help improve your company’s employee training techniques. Furthermore, it can also help improve employee performance. So if you need a good training software, consider the 9 options reviewed here.

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