How the Right Employee Onboarding Software Can Help Your New Hire Process

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Your employee onboarding process is critical to the success of your new company. It is the first experience your employees have with your company, and the right process can build the right foundation to boost morale, ensure that your employees share the same vision as your company, and inspire them to bring innovative ideas to the table that will help your company grow. You should be using employee onboarding software to manage the process, ensuring that it goes smoothly and helping you get more from it. Here are just a few ways that such software can help your new hire process:

Reduce the Risk of Practical Issues that Can Slow Down or Undermine the Process

Much of the onboarding process is a learning curve. New employees are learning things like how to use your company software, how to log into their work stations, how to use their key cards, and more. Technical issues and learning delays can make it harder for employees to implement this practical knowledge and get on with their important work. Small issues can add up to big time delays, and time delays can cost you money and push back major projects. The snowball effect can create serious problems, some of which you may not even realize with the issues in your onboarding process. By using the right employee onboarding software, you can reduce the risk that practical issues like technical problems or struggling to learn how to use the software will slow down your overall onboarding process. The smoother process will also improve new employee confidence in your company and leadership, which will have long-term advantages.

Improve Availability for Remote Employees or Those with Scheduling Problems

A lot of companies like to schedule onboarding at times that they can include multiple new employees. However, not all employees are always available on the same schedule. Some may not work in the office, and some may not be able to start as planned because of travel or previous work commitments. The right employee onboarding software will let you complete the process even with remote employees. The right software will have accessibility so that the program can be completed through a number of devices and in a number of locations. Segmenting your onboarding process may not be ideal, but it’s better than delaying your process indefinitely and suffering other problems from the scheduling issues. The right software will ensure that all employees get the same onboarding experience, regardless of their ability to be in the office when it happens or to be in a group of other new hires.

Keep the Onboarding Process on Schedule

Many things can throw off your employee onboarding process. You might have software glitches, scheduling conflicts, training errors, and other problems that can cause delays. That may not seem like a big deal if your training is delayed by only a couple of days. However, those minor delays can lead to serious problems. For example, say that the onboarding process for your latest round of new hires is delayed by a couple of days because of technical problems. That new hire group is essential for the launch of a big new product that will help your company rebrand and expand its market share. If their onboarding is delayed, they aren’t ready for that launch on time, and the event is either delayed or undermined. There are many ways that seemingly simple scheduling issues can cause major problems for your company and eat into your profits. Finding the right employee onboarding software can help you keep the onboarding process on schedule so that the rest of your plans goes smoothly, as well. Make sure that any software you choose offers plenty of technical support, is updated regularly, and comes with plenty of glowing customer reviews. You can feel more confident that you’ll have a smooth onboarding process with software that has all those things.

Increase Employee Confident by Clearly Outlining the Onboarding Schedule and Goals

Good employee onboarding software will do more than get employees set up in the company system or help them learn logistical processes. The right software will also allow you to clearly outline the employee onboarding schedule and your goals for the process. In setting the stage for the onboarding process at the beginning, you will inspire greater confidence in your employees. You will be letting them know that you have a vision for the process, and that you have put great thought and planning into how to give them the best start at your company, down to the smallest detail. Again, this may seem like a minor detail, but it’s an important one. The onboarding process is a bit of a first impression for employees and what they can expect from working at your company, and you should ensure that you make the right impression. Choosing the right onboarding software and making the right choices will help you do that.

Provide a Resource for Easy Employee Reference Later

A lot of information gets presented during the onboarding process, and most employees are not going to remember all of it. But they will need most of it. You can create a handbook or other reference guide that includes that information (at great time and cost to you), or you can choose an employee onboarding software platform that allows you to store information so that it can be a resource later. By using the software as a resource, you will save a lot of time and money and make it easier for employees to find the information they need. Any employees will be able to pull up the software and find the information they need at any time. A paper guide can easily get lost or discarded. We’ve all been that employee who immediately put away their handbook after they received it and then never looked at it again, despite it having the information we needed. Most people are more likely to pull up the information if it is on a work station or online, so having that information within an existing software platform that the employees know will increase the chances that they will seek out the information when they need it.

Finding the Right Onboarding Software

Now that you know how the right employee onboarding software can help you, you need to start your search for the best program. Fortunately, there are dozens of options on the market. Unfortunately, that can make it harder for you to decide which options are truly worth your investment. Take your time and do your research to find the right onboarding software. The first place you should look is a review site – or 10. Find out what other people have to say about the leading software packages to learn what you can expect. If people are raving about a program, there’s good reason. You should then research the features included in the software options extensively, and you should request demos to try out the software yourself.
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