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Reading, as a way to expend your knowledge, is the best way to stay tuned with the trends of the world.  This week I would like to introduce you to diverse articles about employee training.   Some practice the actual subject of employee training, and focus on trending topics in the field, and others are a great way to expand your horizons. All are must reads.  

Best Practices for Employee Training Onboarding

A good onboarding process is one you feel comfortable with, and one you usually don’t remember after a while – for if you do remember, it was probably a bad process.    An enterprise should treat employees like an asset from day one, to enhance their working productivity and their motivation, and maintaining a healthy working environment.   This starts with planning, but surly does not stops there.  

Investment in Employee Training, are You Getting a Bang for Your Buck?

A hot topic amongst the HR business, is the question whether investment in training really pays off?  The answer is yes, it does, but a good training program is one that designed to make employees more efficient.  A program that focuses on expanding workers knowledge is often not an effective one, and as a result – a one that does not justify the money spent on it.  

Learn More about the Training Top 125

Training Magazine has opened its application for the Training top 125 2016- the annual rankings of international business with the most effective, successful training programs.  Not just for the competitive drive alone, this may be a good way to examine and evaluate your training program, by getting an outside, professional eye looking at your program.  

How Business Can Solve the Productivity Puzzle

A well known subject among every person in the HR business, this article gives some new insights and angles on the topic.  What really popped was the paragraph about digital technology, and how it’s overloading the employees instead of making them more effective. Well, that is a tough statement, and a very powerful one, but technology can be very helpful when employees given the right direction.  

5 Best Employee Training Books

In an era where digital and online information are the main way to absorb knowledge, we are limited.  Limited by the diversity of the knowledge, limited by the 140 chords of Twitter, or even limited by the life of our cellphone\tablet\laptop battery.   Books are a forgotten, but a very beneficial way the absorb new knowledge, and a very effective one, because their word count is not limited, and when your battery runs out, the books is working just as well.          
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