5 Best Time Management Apps On The Market

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Though time is more important than money, time is money and money is time. Are you managing your time effectively at work? If not you might be stunting your progression, and your level of inefficiency can translate to other aspects of life. Additionally, your company probably won’t value you in the same regard than if you were more productive. Allocating time effectively is a skill, one which must be learned over time. It’s effective when companies introduce time management during a routine onboarding procedure, which will instill credible skills from early on. Are you being held back by an inability to manage time? If so, you’ll be intrigued to learn there are many time management apps on the market which can elevate performance. Before we get to the best time management apps, let’s begin by looking at why time management is important:

Why Is Time Management Important

Time has a significant impact on productivity and performance in the workplace. Understanding how to allocate time effectively translates to employee efficiency. You’ll develop more as a result, be better equipped to meet deadlines, and ultimately produce better work. It’s best to develop time management skills from early on, so employees can maximize their true potential. If great time management is an integral component of company culture, performance will enhance tenfold. time-management-infographic Image Source: timecamp

To Set Your Priorities

Time management enables staff to prioritize tasks in order of importance. This is crucially important if staff are to complete work on time, while completing urgent tasks first. Too often employees waste time on unimportant tasks, all the while neglecting the most pressing ones. With an effective time management approach you’ll understand how to prioritize effectively.

Meeting Deadlines

Once you’ve established a list of priorities, you’ll be capable of delivering high-quality work on time. You’ll be able to rank your deadlines in order of importance too. Deliver on your promises, meeting both your own and organizational expectations. A failure to meet deadlines can lead to job loss in severe cases, which is certainly enough of an incentive to embrace time management.


Producing high quality work within suitable time frames is another huge incentive to focus on time management. When you’re not wasting time on menial tasks, you’ll immediately have more time to focus on core competencies. These will be activities that directly contribute to improved company performance. Time management is all about completing your work in the quickest time possible, without compromising quality. By making the most of your time you’ll certainly become a more productive worker.

Make Better Decisions

Rushing to complete tasks can lead to suboptimal decision making. These decisions can negatively impact company performance, and from an all-encompassing perspective wreak havoc across the board. Time management allows you to make well thought out decisions, especially when you have more time to make the best possible choices. Hopefully we’ve provided enough incentive to embrace time management practices. But how should you go about executing the right strategies? Fortunately you can use useful technology. Here are some the best time management apps:

The Best Time Management Apps

Enjoy these fantastic time management apps, which will help you tackle the most common challenges time presents! Remember to effectively train your staff on how to use them, so they can make the most of fantastic, game-changing technology.

1. Focus Booster

Are you someone who procrastinates over tasks? If so, this app could be for you. Based on the Pomodoro Technique, this app will prevent you feeling overwhelmed at work. Boost your focus immediately while removing the anxiety associated with time constraints.

2. Mind42

This fantastic app will allow you to focus on the task at hand. It does so by using mind mapping. This productive time management technique is tried and tested, and Mind42 presents itself as the best free mind mapping app on the market. Focus your thoughts with this app, while gaining clarity on current task completion.

3. MyLifeOrganized (MLO)

We all fall victim to exhaustive, occasionally cluttered to-do-lists. These can defy the purpose of organization. Well, fortunately this app will help you manage your tasks accordingly. If managing tasks is a problem, or you simply wish to organize your goals better, you’ll definitely benefit from MLO. This is a task management system which automatically generates lists for you. Target what you should be focusing on, with a heightened sense for key objectives. It will help you methodically arrange tasks that require immediate attention, while creating a structured approach to being organized.

4. Evernote

A productivity tool which captures your thoughts, ideas, and images in multiple ways. You can record meetings, ideas, and essentially anything that contributes to productivity. There are many multimedia functions, which enable you to capture voice, images, and notes. You can share files with friends too, using a tool which really helps you optimize time.

5. SyncBackFree

Backing up files is a great way to save time, with special regards to the inevitability of losing the original version of files. This great app allows users to backup, restore, and synchronize those all-important files. This offers considerable peace of mind, while allowing you to save time in both the present and future.
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