Best Training Articles of the Year

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We’ve seen a lot of development in the world of employee training in 2014. Whether increased adoption of micro learning and performance support, to the spread of mobile learning and the utilization of Big Data – so much has been written about that I think instructional designers, learning technology managers and L&D professionals, in general, have a lot of food for thought. With that in mind, here are some my favorite articles of 2014. Hope you find them as insightful as I did! # 1 – Metacognition and Learning: Strategies for Instructional Design Connie Malamed’s article presents how we learn and why it is important for you and your business. This article defines metacognition and its role in allowing employees to take control of their own learning and training. # 2 – A Learning Strategy for Big Data Brandon Hall make the case for big data as a limitless opportunity to track and predict training behavior and uptake. He offers up a variety of ways for the reader to enhance their use and collection of big data and to make the case for CLOs to more appropriately recognize the impact on potential learning initiatives. # 3 – The Web is 25 Years Old Today – So How Has it Changed the Way We Learn? Training has become pretty easy to roll-out of late, unlike 25 years ago – all thanks to the Internet. Jane Hart took time to analyze how the Internet has revolutionized training and what the future holds for trainers and trainees. # 4 – Development Mindsets and 70:20:10 In this article by Charles Jennings, he discusses the importance of encouragement for more of the workforce to engage with developmental mindsets. # 5 – Learning is Connecting Harold Jarche’s article about internet learning, addresses the changes in the industry as far as combining social media and elearning. You may be surprised by the top 10 web tools that businesses are using to help build their training modules. # 6 – Marc My Words: Selling Performance Support This article by Marc Rosenberg helps make the case for continued performance support. Rosenberg’s article will help you focus on the importance of “selling” performance support, and provide you with the tools to do so.

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