Best of the Week in Training

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It’s hard to believe half of summer is behind us. Here are some of the articles I enjoyed reading this week.  1.      The Six Signs of a Second Rate Service Culture This article by Ron Kaufman helps solidify our understanding of poor service culture and its impacts on your performance. His six signs of substandard service culture are insightful and engaging. I think you’ll enjoy getting to know some of these signs, even if you may recognize some in your own organization. 2.      Tech Insights: Balancing Learning Systems vs. Informal Training David Creelman’s article about balanced learning systems presents a series of  excellent insights into the need for both formal and informal learning opportunities. I think you’ll find his points about creating familiar and engaging e-learning opportunities particularly interesting. 3.      6 Surprising Lessons Recruiters Have Taught Me About Customer Service This article by Michael Overell provides an excellent overview of the role of recruiters in making meaningful connections to potential customers on their company’s behalf. I think you’ll like the way Overall highlights the similarities involved in delivering lasting solutions. 4.     8 Top Tips to Create an Effective Social Learning Strategy Christopher Pappas wrote this article about superior social learning strategies and important advice and techniques to managing the transitions from research to implementation. I think you will find his walkthrough beneficial and interesting. 5.      Employee Engagement Is Just As Important as Customer Engagement This is an article I wrote about building and maintaining customer loyalty through training and the building of a strong company policy, message and vision around engagement practices. I hope you’ll find that it gives you some insight into the importance of a cohesive vision.
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