Employee Training Tracking Software

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Often seen as dull, burdensome and something not fully relevant to everyday work, employee training is rarely something managers or employees look forward to.  Employees don’t want to have to sit through training, it’s nerve wracking, tedious and time consuming, and they usually take solace in the fact that school is a thing of the past for them, even if they’re stuck in a nine to five world now. Trainers have to bust their butts to find ways to make training engaging, and the managerial aspects of training are just a nightmare. This has made the need for employee training tracking software pretty dang obvious in recent times. The problem is, while the SaaS revolution has brought about some good LMS designs, the tracking systems of these are limited and only effective within the courses and interaction of the LMS itself. External employees training tracking software attempts have been very limited in their practicality, and usually require more mucking about by the training managers than they alleviate. It’s unfortunate, but this hasn’t been something easy to resolve, and while LMS systems are great, they also lack the component of learning by real experience in working with the subject. Learning by doing is an important step in training, especially when it comes to working with complex processes like using software, and the other side of this is that, without this part, all of the training is accomplishing no real work, which hurts on the time, resource and revenue budgets of a company undergoing these training projects. With all of these problems, and no obvious solution in sight, there’s a real conundrum here, normally. Is there a solution that perhaps nobody’s thought of for some reason? In fact, there is. If you read SaaS literature at all frequently, you’ve undoubtedly heard of WalkMe by now. If, however, you live on the dark side of the moon, and haven’t heard of this software, let me nutshell it for you really quickly. WalkMe is a tutorial creation system which integrates into web forms, where it can observe the state of user activity by monitoring elements, as well as learn their patterns, stop them, guide them and even control the web forms itself. It does this with a point and click scripting system that requires no programming knowledge, and it’s remarkably easy to learn how to set up. Now, the way this can help with training tracking is first, it will allow users to train on a process by actually letting them operate the process to do real work, and guide them through the most complex processes imaginable in a step by step prompted way. Its ability to control the forms means it can prevent their inexperience from allowing dangerous mistakes to happen. Along with this, it can track important logistics for training, such as frequency of mistakes made in one aspect or another of the training subject, rate of mastery of various aspects of the process and so forth. It can also isolate who needs attention the most in what areas due to its easy-to-configure pattern recognition. With its ability to monitor the state of form elements, WalkMe can also measure how many employees are doing processes absolutely to the letter in the order assigned – end results may not always reflect something like that. With its ability to also integrate with a lot of LMS designs, WalkMe really is the ultimate employee training tracking software solution out there, and since logistics and analytics are the letter of the day, you’re missing out if you don’t use this.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog