My Favorite Articles about Training

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Embracing new and up-to-date technology has always been an integral part of training success, now more than ever. I often try to keep abreast of the newest technologies being written about, as well as some of the freshest insights and strategies put forth by though leaders. Here’s a summary of articles that I found to be particularly eye-opening over the last couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them.

Want Better Trained Employees? Try This

Written by Ann Fisher, this article talks about motivating employees to enroll for training. Citing recent studies, Fisher underscores the importance of understanding employee psychology before rolling out any training.

Women in eLearning – We’re Bringing Women into Tech the Wrong Way

This post by Aisha Taylor gives a few tips on how to encourage women to enter and stay in STEM fields. Taylor asks some insightful questions that take a step backward, including defining what exactly “tech” fields are, and encourages organizations to look critically at themselves in order to overcome stereotypes about women in the workforce. Interesting read.

Purchasing Learning Technology

How prepared are you to purchase learning technology? This article by Saul Carliner and David W. Price is based on a study focusing on habits of decision making in terms of acquiring new learning technology to ease the process of disseminating learning material.

Mobile Learning Market Worth $37.60 Billion by 2020

With big players such as Net Dimensions, SAP, IBM, Citrix and Upside Learning taking full control of the Mobile Learning Market, what does the future of this industry look alike? Well, with the numbers that recently were published as part of a study by MarketsandMarkets, the future of mobile learning is such a bright one.

Smart Training Starts With Video Games

Can smooth implementation of videos games into training help improve learning? Research shows that sometimes, you only need a bit of gamification to pass the message right across effectively.  
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