My Favorite Training Articles This Week

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This week I came across some very interesting and helpful articles about training. You can find here some real gems. Apart some good explanations for why customize employee training methods is so important, you will find here some good way to motivate your employees to participate training, learn from other’s mistakes and discover a wonderful method to increase your ROI with video games based training.

1. How Trainers Can Make Sales More Successful

Barrett Riddleberger suggests that the best way to achieve greater return on investment (ROI) is to increase the sales. But in order to do so, we cannot only rely on the innate skills of our salesmen, it is not always enough. Through good training we can increase our profit. One of my favorite tips in this article is to focus on specific skills, rather than build a too broad curriculum.

2. 8 Security Practices to Use in Your Employee Training and Awareness Program

As weird as it may sound, the majority of data breaching occurs because of your own employees, and not because of some smart hackers. This article brings us 8 security practices that will help us prevent the next mistake. In my opinion, the 6th practice is a very important one. Backup our data might save us not just a lot of embarrassment, but also thousands of work hours.

3. How to Get Your Employees to Buy Into Mandatory Training

One of the obstacles of training, is to get your employees to want it. Training may seem as a burden in the already busy working routine. Roz Bahrami discusses a study about motivating adult learners. I think that the best mentioned tip is to make the learners understand how meaningful is the things they learn.

4. The 5 Worst Things Famous Companies Made to Train Employees

In this amusing article, Adam Tod Brown discusses and analyzes 5 training videos. As video making might be a double-edged sword, you can learn a lot from mistakes of others. I especially like his analyze to McDonald’s parody to Michael Jackson’s “Beat it”. While trying to encourage workers to do their best, they unintentionally ask them to risk their life and stand on the shoulders of their colleague.

5. Chicken Wings, Failure and This Thing Called Corporate Training

Trainings come in various shapes and colors. It may be simple or almost impossible to understand. There are in-house seminars, and open seminars and so on. Alwyn Lau explains in this article his conception of what training should be like. I can associate with his remark regarding one of the most common mistakes in training – the belief that talking is teaching and listening is learning. Past experience has proved that this training method is prone to fail.

6. Gamification: Key To Corporate Sales Training Success

As we argued earlier, training may be perceived as a brunt for the employees. One solution for this problem is gamification. It can engage and motivate the workers and eventually increase your ROI. Bronya Benvin explains exactly why. I, personally, relate much to the idea that gamification puts learners in control. By doing so, it prevents us from “pushing” the content, another training method that fails to achieve its goal.

7. Measuring the ROI of Corporate Training

Organizations nowadays are aware of the importance of training for improvement of performance that contributes eventually to higher ROI. Nevertheless, most of the organization do not measure the outcomes. This article provides us with some interest information regarding the ROI measurement of corporate training. One fact I find really interesting is that only 20% of the organizations use outsourcing evaluation of training.

8. Smart Training Starts with Video Games

As mentioned earlier, using gamification methods in training appears to gain popularity due to its high efficiency. We present you in this article 4 reasons to incorporate video games in your training. The 4th one is of a great value, video game based training methods are cost-effective. Comparing to other training methods, you invest a small amount of money, and gain better benefit, since video games based training carries some great advantages.
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