Hatsize Launches Next Generation Training Lab Platform

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Hatsize, the leading provider of global training labs for software and hardware products, today launched Hatsize 4.0, the latest release of their flagship cloud-based training lab product, which includes a new, intuitive and highly interactive interface for instructors and students called Hatsize Lab View, which is designed to help students and instructors optimize their learning experience. “Hatsize 4.0 is a truly next generation training lab platform, which includes a new, state-of-the-art instructor and student interface that makes lab-based learning easier and more interactive,” said John Tossing, MicroTek Technical Sales Director. “Designed with extensive usability testing, Hatsize 4.0 is a groundbreaking release for the training lab market. It provides a cutting-edge interface that makes lab-based learning easier and more engaging and it enhances the user experience by putting more interactive control in the hands of instructors and students,” said Guy Hummel, Hatsize CEO. “For example, the ability to see at a glance what is happening on every lab machine in the class, even with complex, multi-machine labs, gives online instructors more visibility into their students’ progress than even a physical classroom would provide.”

About Hatsize

Hatsize is the leading global provider of cloud-based training labs for software and hardware products. As a cloud service, Hatsize has successfully delivered over 2 million hours of hands-on training sessions for some of the world’s fastest growing technology and training organizations including Symantec, Juniper Networks, New Horizons, MicroTek, and Palo Alto Networks.
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