Help Your Employees Grow and Learn with the Latest Technology

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Learning does not end after the training sessions are completed; it’s an ongoing process that must be maintained. Whether a person has been with the company for one year or twenty years, there are advancements in both industry climate and technology that force employees to grow and evolve. When employees aren’t given the right tools to compete in today’s job market, not only are they placed at a disadvantage, but the company as a whole isn’t able to move forward and meet customer needs. For example, social media has been taking the world by storm, and companies are scrambling to incorporate this new medium into their business models. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube all have very specific approaches that can drastically increase a company’s reach when handled properly. Each one of these can become huge marketing possibilities for companies large and small. At the same time, there have been several different companies that have struggled to grow and evolve, being left behind in the times. While technology can be a scary thing, learning to embrace it instead of fight against it is the key to success. When you don’t understand what is going on, technology can be a very scary thing. Older people are especially cautious of learning about new things because there is so much that they are not familiar with.  However, it is important for a company to take the bold steps needed and guide everyone into the next frontier. It’s one thing for a company to show customers new features, but another when the company is the one that is lagging behind. This puts everyone at risk and can easily break down the foundation that a company has been built on. The key is to understand what technology is capable of and teaching your staff how to properly use it to their benefit. Technology is always changing, and that means that the world around it is as well. While some advancements change how the company is run and what priorities are made, others handle the training of employees and streamlining other aspects that make growing easier. One of the best examples of this is a program called WalkMe, one of the hottest things that’s changing the way people learn and become proficient at tasks. Unlike other training methods, WalkMe gives users the tools they need to succeed, but ensures that they are learning at their own speed and only get assistance when they need it. As the name suggests, WalkMe walks users though what they need to do with an interactive step by step guide. How do they do this? WalkMe overlays any browser and lets the designers create guides that highlight necessary keys or create pop-up boxes containing helpful information. Users can expand their knowledge through this type of training because they are learning in more than one way at the same time. WalkMe can be used to train newcomers on how to perform basic tasks, or it can be used to introduce new ideas and programs to veterans. Regardless of how you use WalkMe, the benefits are very easy to see. The future is bright for technology, and the growing adoption for smartphones and tablets means that the growing hasn’t come to a stop yet. These new additions force companies to think outside the box and change their approach to reach the highest number of customers possible. As companies begin to adopt these new mediums, they have to change how they run their business and how their employees work. With WalkMe by their side, companies don’t have to worry about leaving their employee’s behind, allowing them to focus on the potential growth that lies ahead of them.  
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog