The Most Important Knowledge Management Tools You Should Know

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The importance of knowledge management in today’s corporate environment cannot be stressed enough. It involves storing, organizing and sharing important information that is beneficial to both the customers and the company itself. Having easily accessible information is beneficial in a number of different ways including organizational training, improving employee performance and faster servicing among others. This is essential when looking into employee training software for your business.

The Knowledge Management Tools to Know


This is a powerful tool that can be used by all companies, from small businesses to large corporations. It helps businesses offer exceptional service to their stakeholders through a number of different channels. With Freshdesk, it will be possible to quickly and affordably channel in all the information that is required by your firm. It can be thought of as one of the best knowledge management tools that combine community, social business and eSupport. Some of the many advanced features offered in this software are discussion boards, cataloging, advanced searches, employee training articles, training stations and document management.

eXo Platform:

This is also a leading software that is used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Many have vouched for its effectiveness in increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs. The most sought after part of this software is its uniquely designed interface. It makes it very easy to operate and use at all levels. Organizational training can definitely benefit in a big way with the help of this tool.


Among knowledge management tools, this is a favorite for delivering top quality customer service and information management across a number of different mediums. It can automatically provide the right solutions to many different queries and is widely regarded to be a next generation software. It is very useful in helping employees gather customer insight and ideas with the help of customer questions. It collects this data through online interaction and help in converting this data into useful information.


myTips is widely regarded as the best one of the most effective knowledge management tools that works across many platforms and with all organizations. It is very easy to operate and its intuitive workflow makes it much simpler to generate ideas. It helps the entire team collaborate and work on finding quicker solutions. Many professionals and companies in a range of different fields have found this software to be very useful. It has all the necessary features to make your knowledge management needs an easy task.


This highly affordable tool is sure to make your company’s knowledge management projects much easier. It allows you to access articles from other websites and create your own in no time at all. Knowledge management tools are a great way to quickly store detailed information that can be used later in an effective manner. It is also highly beneficial when it comes to storing centralized information in a secure location. It can help the organization in number of different ways. For the price, this tool is an absolute steal.
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