Interesting Corporate Training Companies

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Corporate training is a big industry, and a vital one. There’s no questioning this. While it’s not unheard of for smaller businesses (and even some big ones) to have an in house training department, or to hire a consultant to handle this, that’s seldom as practical as it might seem. More often than not, when in house training is handled, it requires leadership from other departments having to rush to come to terms with training sciences and rethinking how they handle their leadership position, and while there are some shining examples of people doing this with great success, it’s easier on everyone, if the budget permits, to hand the reins of this over to corporate training companies who make their name by mastering the complex and challenging sciences of various training concepts. What are some of the better corporate training companies out there? Well, there are a lot of them, and many of them specialize in specific forms of training, such as IT, sales etc. This means that you can’t really pick one as the best of them all. It’s actually hard, even within fields to pick the best, because there are many, very competent companies for any given scenario. I’ll just point out three industries, and for each one, a company that stands out for training the best people for those jobs. #1 – AXIOM (Sales) AXIOM Sales Force Development may sound like they train people to expertly operate Salesforce CRM software, but that’s just a misnomer. In fact, AXIOM is one of the top twenty sales training companies in 2011 and 2013. That is a big deal. Fortune 500 and Forbes Cover companies have used AXIOM many times to great success. They embrace the purely scientific nature of sales (even where the human element comes into play), and they even use parallels in these sciences between training and sales, to expertly shape lumps of coal into absolute diamonds of the industry. #2 – Wilson Learning (Workforce Development) Wilson Learning is a global leader in performance improvement, structure optimization and workforce development practices. Bringing in all of the most proven and documented strategies for reorganization, communications building and organizational learning to train large groups to become a well-tuned unit, they are at the top of their game for building effective teams. In the modern world, teamwork within a company is more important than ever, and Wilson understands this, and they want to bring the power of unified efforts to any company wise enough to seek out their expertise. #3 – eCornell While they are a subsidiary of Cornell University, this corporate-geared online learning division specializes in training the IT people of today to handle the technologies and solutions of tomorrow. Having made top lists for the past four years in leading training magazines, websites and reviews, thus company offers over 120,000 courses in over 200 countries across the world. Technology is a bigger and bigger part of business and of life, so you need the sharpest IT people you can come by, with the best learning they can get. You can’t go wrong with eCornell, and the convenience of their online infrastructure is fantastic. Corporate training companies are positively numerous. I didn’t scratch the surface of the different industries specialized in here, or even the various amazing companies within the industries I did touch on. If you need corporate training, and you know you’re not geared to handle it in house, then rest assured, these companies and hundreds more have your back.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog