L&D Articles Round-Up from Week of November 18

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Happy weekend everyone! Here are 5 articles that intrigued me over the past week. Good for some Sunday reading. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a great week ahead! 1. Unleashing the Power of the People (Chief Learning Officer) Based on today’s economy, sustaining a competitive advantage largely depends on organizational talent. Ray Vigil and Per Stahle take a strong stand and explain some facts on how to unleash the power of the people. 2. Gen Y has arrived (Chief Learning Officer blog) Studies show that one-third of the total U.S work force is made up of the Gen Y workers. The results from this research studies showed that over 70% of the respondents felt that Gen X managers are better equipped to manage teams. Here is a summary of this study written by Ladan Nikravan. 3. Structures, Skills and Tools (Harold Jarche blog) Despite the fact that we cannot predict nor control the future, we have the skills and resources required to establish and interpret pattern that depicts how the future will emerge. Tim Kastelle explains the need to understand structures, skills and tools in order to get a glimpse of the future.

 4. How is Technology Redefining Training? (David Kelly blog)

David Kelly writes “It’s a self-service world in which people now have an expectation that if I need to learn something, they can usually find the resources to do so on their own.” In this post, he describes how many of the traditional methods of employee training are being challenged by new technology-based learning and performance solutions.

5. A Better Way to Support and Train Your Employees (Business Insider) Most managers use mandatory training sessions whenever they feel that their employees’ job performance is not up to par. Dan Adika, CEO and Co-founder of WalkMe software provide an alternative way of supporting and training your employees.
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