Some L&D Articles to Read, in Case you Missed Them

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Hey everyone.  As summer approaches it’s end, many fall/winter sports have already begun, and our favorite TV shows have returned for new seasons.  But it’s also back to work time as we look forward to ending the year with a bang. If you might have some time through all that to read a few articles and blog posts about employee learning & development, here is a menu of choices for you. The Evolution of Work (Forbes) – Jacob Morgan shared a great infographic in this article. Morgan writes that :instead of the traditional hierarchical model, organizations are adopting a more flattened approach where anyone can speak with and interact with anyone else,” there has been a shift from fixed working hours to more flexible hours, with the ability to connect and work from anywhere.  The future is a change, no question, but I think this analysis is write on target. Work Views: Learning in Small Bites (Workforce Management) – Dave Lingg of Ancile Solutions argues in favor of learning “snacks”, small snippets of content with the goal of the information being easier to digest. As he write, “[w]hen the learning events are smaller and shorter, workers feel a sense of accomplishment and progress more often…When it’s necessary to convey several concepts in a larger context, simply string the “learning snacks” together into a sequential campaign. The small lessons are delivered one-at-a-time over a set time period to meet a broader learning goal.” 6 Ways to Develop Internal IT Talent (Information Week Global CIO) – Kevin Casey writes of some low-cost training options available for SMB’s. Some are out-of-the-box ideas, like “lunch and learns”.  Overall, and interesting read. An Employer’s Guide to BYOD  (TrainingZone) – Richard Dunnett writes that “Where employees once enquired about private medical cover and company cars, now they may ask to work on their own iPhone or Android. It’s a perk of the job that can boost productivity, but implement your ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy incorrectly (or even pretend it’s not happening) and it could cost you dearly.” Great stuff.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog