Mindflash: Health Care Industry Embraces E-Learning

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Training platform company Mindflash released last week the first in what it says will be quarterly report that analyzes trends in online training by U.S. and international businesses.  The “Mindflash eLearning Report” says that its research results will be based on training data from hundreds of thousands of their eLearning software users worldwide. The Q2 2013 report reveals:


  • Health care was the most popular industry for corporate e-learning in the second quarter, followed by Software and Marketing Companies.
  • Health-care organizations also spent the most on e-learning software in Q2, surpassing training and marketing companies.
  • Businesses based in California and New York were most likely to implement an e-learning program in the second quarter, followed by companies in Texas and Washington state.
  • More than 65 percent of online training courses analyzed by Mindflash in Q2 were taught by men, though men and women trainers were statistically nearly identical in their effectiveness (students with male trainers passed 95.4% of the time, while students with female trainers passed at a 95.1% clip).
  • Tuesday was the most common day of the week for beginning an e-learning course, and Saturday was the most common day for earning a passing grade.
“Online training is a $2 billion industry in the US alone and growing 12% annually,” said Donna Wells, CEO at Mindflash.  “From our unique vantage point as the leading cloud-based platform for corporate eLearning, we felt it was important to share the clear trends we’re seeing in the adoption of remote learning across the industries, geographies and demographic markets we serve. Our goal is to offer useful insights and benchmarks to companies implementing eLearning programs.”  
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog