Sales Training Management Software to Consider

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Continuously training salespeople in both company-specific training and the mechanics of sales is beneficial for any business. Regardless of the level of experience, honing the skills of a salesperson can make them more efficient and effective in their role within an organization. There are growing numbers of technologies that both management and sales teams could benefit from to enhance performance on all fronts. By understanding these technologies the individual and the company itself can excel. The following is a discussion of software solutions that could be advantageous to sales and training managers. Axiom Sales Force Development  Axiom states that traditional sales training practices are lacking, due to the fact that new hires, current employees and managers are like to forget 80 percent of the information given in these training sessions. Axiom focuses on providing a continuous learning environment, to produce better results and enhance the performance of the sales team by keeping users engaged in their training. Axiom’s sales training framework covers prospects, developing new opportunities, presenting solutions, handling objectives and negotiations, and managing major accounts. Axiom’s goal is behavioral change and offers integrated learning exercises that take users between 5 and 30 minutes. Gartner analysts praise the Axiom method: “Axiom Sales Force Development appears to be on a mission to change the old sales training model.  By rethinking the old paradigm for sales training and applying new processes and technology that encapsulate CRM and SPM integration, Axiom is delivering an interesting solution that changes the way sales people engage customers and the way managers coach and lead.” CallidusCloud CallidusCloud is a provider of sales and marketing effectiveness software. Their software, allows users to accelerate and maximize leads by offering solutions to help identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution, enable sales teams, automate quote and proposal generation and streamline sales compensation. The Cloud Computing Platform allows users to get up and running quickly by providing prepackaged reports and dashboards, compensation plans and coaching templates. CallidusCloud comes with a 24/7 support system and supports over 2.5 million users a month. CallidusCloud is an industry leader in security infrastructure for ensuring physical data encryption and application security, and protects your investment with secure SAS 70 II certified on demand infrastructure. With CalludisCloud’s acquisition of ActekSoft Gartner speculates this to be a benefit for both companies: “Overall, the consolidation of Callidus Software and ActekSoft is a positive move for both companies. Callidus Software extends its strong position in insurance by gaining ActekSoft’s client base, product line and services expertise in healthcare commission processing issues. The move benefits ActekSoft by giving its customers more opportunities to add on-boarding and other Callidus offerings adjacent to incentive compensation.” Sales Performance International (SPI)  Founded in 1988, SPI states their goal as helping the world’s leading organizations elevate their sales relationships, drive measurable and sustainable growth, and operational sales performance improvement. Simply put, SPI solves sales problems. To save users from wasting time on the wrong targets, SPI uses targeting and qualification content to teach individuals how to use objective techniques to identify the right targets. SPI’s advanced business development and prospecting content helps users to identify and generate new leads; sales execution and advanced negotiation content teaches individuals how to position differentiated value early in the sales cycle to minimize concessions. Miller Heiman  Miller Heiman touts being grounded in the latest research, allowing them to work with sales organizations to build core strengths in sales techniques and the sales management training needed for today’s customer. Miller Heiman offers a holistic view of customer management strategy and alignment with the strategic objectives of the organization. By working collaboratively with all levels of an organization, Miller Heiman helps companies achieve sales execution excellence. Sales training programs are based on an interactive approach, allowing users to work with real, live deals that reflect the challenges of the organization. Miller Heiman offers public workshops, on-site programs, e-learning and blended learning. Programs teach individuals at all levels of the organization how to set sales strategies and action plans, and offer dynamic feedback, discussions and new market perspectives related to the customer requirements. WalkMe WalkMe is an interactive online guidance and engagement platform. WalkMe provides customer relationship management and sales software training, to ensure tangible, measurable and long-lasting results. WalkMe’s platform creates shorter training times, eases migration from other CRM systems, provides in-work performance support, reduces errors and interruptions and lowers employee training costs. Ford automotive has their own built in solution that they have recently taken to their international sales force:  “The program, known as the Consumer Experience Movement, has been running in North America since late 2010 and delivering results, Elena Ford, the automaker’s vice president of global dealer and consumer experience, said in a meeting with Automotive News. ‘The Consumer Experience Movement is about how we communicate with our dealers and how dealers communicate with customers and it starts with the relationship.’” There is no shortage of ready made solutions for companies to explore in order to maximize training and promote information retention. The issue is more exploring all of the options and sourcing everyone from management to the sales and customer service teams to make sure that the chosen solution is best for your company. Get related information on Knowledge management tools page.
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