The Season for Giving Helpful Tips – November Must Reads

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We are in the season of giving and spreading love and wisdom! So in the spirit of giving, I thought it was time to gather and share the many articles about the many tips and tricks to help improve and manage your HR department.   I think it’s great to pass on what we learn in our field onto our colleagues, peers, employees and even managers. And even though the time for sharing is year round, it feels extra special within these upcoming months.   I hope you all can take something from this monthly roundup as I continue the chain of spreading the wisdom of HR tips with you! So make sure to pass it on and share your HR tips and experiences along the way.  

3 Essential Tips for HR Professionals to Avoid Stress and Provide the Best Service

We are always looking for the most productive way to get our work done, but that sometimes means adding a lot of stress to our lives. This article gives 3 essential tips to skip the stress while still providing a productive workflow. Since I consider myself to be a rather organized individual, especially with my work, I find the first tip, be proactive so you can plan to be extremely essential. When we are even ahead of our own minds things can get a little crazy, so like this article states, we need to keep up-to-date so that we can be stressed free!  

Workplace Wisdom: 4 True Tales and Tips for HR and Managers

We can learn so much from other people, that has always been the truth! We are always told to learn from others mistakes, and this is especially true for HR . I came across this post which discusses a book that highlights just how we can learn from the mistakes of others. Focusing on the needs of HR and managers, here we briefly look into 4 tales and what we can take away from them. This post gives you a taste of what the book offers and definitely left me wanting to read more.
Put an End to Confusing Documentation and Long Video Tutorials

HR tips: How to handle negative online reviews?

This article says it all, the HR department is one of the most important departments in any organization! So we need to make sure it’s up to par. This way when positive or negative feedback about your company makes its way back, you are prepared on how to handle it in an efficient and cordial manner. This article preps you on just that, 5 tips on how to properly take care of any negative online reviews, that I believe to be very helpful. The tip I found most fitting is to make sure you handle any issues privately. Never waft these online encounters in the open for everyone else to see. This is not because you have anything to hide, but simply so that the manner can be taken care of without the input of other bystanders.  

Why and When do Startups Need Human Resources?

This is an all-around great tip for startups! You know you will eventually be in need of a human resources department, it’s just a matter of when the right time is, and understanding why you need it. Make sure to review this article so that you can get your startup to the next level and to a place where HR is needed!  

3 Simple Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out, As Told By An HR Professional

I felt it fit to add the gem in here for anyone searching for a way on how to get that HR manager or recruiter to notice you. And any HR manager knows that one of the most important aspects is a resume. This is the first piece of information HR sees and it will be a deciding factor on whether you will be called in for an interview or not. That may seem a little intimidating but this article is here to help. Here are 3 tips on how to form a great resume. And if you’re an HR manager or recruiter let me know if you agree with these tips!  

Six tips for making wise HR decisions

These next 6 tips are all about how to make the right and smart HR decisions! We start off with a little explanation on why we sometimes make the decisions we do, why they may be robust and hasty, and then we learn how to fix all that! I find these tips to be extremely helpful, as they actually get me into wondering just how I come upon my decisions. So I will definitely be taking these tips into account and pass them onto my peers!  

Six Resources HR Professionals Can Read To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

This next article is a tip within itself! We all need to stay on the ball, keep up with the trends and stay ahead of the curve, it’s a very important tip! This task may sometimes be difficult to achieve as trends are always moving, but this article provides 6 resources we can read to help us out, advised by 6 of Forbes HR executives. I will definitely be taking a look at these resources more often, as should you!  

3 Reasons Why HR is Critical to Your Company’s Success

This last article presents the most important tip, appreciate your HR team and understand what they add to your company! Your HR department always puts their best foot forward and makes sure that they hire the best employees that will be a right fit for the company, they also put employee engagement as a top priority to ensure maximum productivity. This, and many more reasons is why HR is essential and should be appreciated all year-round!  

Why So Many Companies Still Shy Away from Shifting HR Data to the Cloud

Time to rip the old school HR management band-aid, and replace the old with the new. HR departments are the backbone to any company, and they are gaining more respect among departments, but without the proper tools to support,  leadership can lag. In this article, we take a look at some of the challenges and benefits of moving your HR data to the cloud, through this interesting infographic by Oracle.
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