Some Employee Training Articles For You

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Happy Fall (or Spring, for some) everyone! It’s my favorite season for sure, even with the summer being behind us. Hope it’s a good one for you. Here are some articles that have intrigued me lately – that I found interested.  I hope you find them useful as well. By the way – if you ever read anything that peaked YOUR interest, and would like to share it, please feel to contact me on social media or via email.  Always looking to learn – isn’t that why we all do what we do? 🙂 So here are 5 articles to check out: 1. Barriers to Knowledge Work (Harold Jarche’s blog, Sense-Making in the Connected Workplace) – very interesting perspective here.  Harold is always insightful. 2. David DeFilippo – Building a High Performance Team (Chief Learning Officer) – The New CLO of BNY Mellon shares his thoughts in this engaging interview. 3. How do We Deal With Unwilling Corporate Learners (Jane Hart’s blog, Learning in the Social Workplace) follows up on a recent post by Brent Schlenker about key issues in L&D – motivation, and how to react to those unmotivated to learn. 4. Fastest Growing Industries in America (AOL Jobs site) – L&D jobs expected to grow 11% in the next 4 years! 5. Performance Support Symposium 2013: Bigger Crowd. Bigger Message (Learning Solutions Magazine) – a look at the eLearning Guild’s conference on performance support solution which took place last week.
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