Some L&D Articles / Blog Posts That You May Have Missed This Week

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Hey everyone. Hope you have a great weekend! With that said, here are 4 articles from this week: What I Wished I’d Learned in School – (Learnlets – Clark Quinn’s blog) – Clark Quinn was asked a very simple question – what do you wish you had been taught in school?  Simple yes, but a nice exercise to try once in a while.  Now that we’re a bit older, and are working in the “grownup” world, what skills/knowledge do we wish we had learned? Want a Job? Prepare to Play Multiple Roles – ( – Rahul Mistry writes an interesting article on the diversity of skills needed for today’s professional, and the continuous learning needed to maximize growth.  She covers online learning, learning at conferences, on the job training, and more. Embrace the Startup Mindset (Chief Learning Officer) – Jessica DuBois-Maahs writes that i ntegrating a startup mindset in a big corporation may get your employees to start innovating. How to Run an Effective Employee Engagement Program (Training Journal) –  Gary Cattermole and Jaime Johnson present tips for ensuring an engaged workforce, including asking the questions: “We all want happy employees so why not undertake a little dipstick research for yourself? ” “Walk into the office on Monday morning and ask yourself: Do my employees look happy? Are they going the extra mile? Also ask yourself: What can I do to improve employee engagement in my workforce?”  Interesting read,
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