Some L&D Articles / Blog Posts That You Might Have Missed This Week

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Hey everyone.  HOT here.  Really hot. A big week in the news worldwide, but I’ve got you covered with some of the L&D articles and blog posts that you may have missed. Hope you have a great weekend! With that said, here are 4 articles from this week: eLearning: It’s Time for a Reboot (Wired Magazine) – Carol Leaman of Axonify writes that “the evolution of technology and brain science allow us to drive real, measurable business value through the learning process, and after a decade as a category it’s time eLearning solutions moved into the next generation.”  She provides a series of tips in which eLearning can be modified or augmented to deliver true capabilities and performance improvement to business. By the way, there is also a very good article posted earlier this week on Axonify’s own blog  about emphasizing immediacy in employee learning – check that out here. So How Do We Know They’re Getting the Right Answers? (Activate Learning Solutions) – Helen Blunden sharea a story of how during a presentation on social learning to some of her workmates, she was asked about how – in the context of learning – we can fully trust the information that we read, view and hear online.  Helen writes that rather than L&D professionals controling “that information as it’s likely that what we also give them will also be out of date immediately, that we coach our people to have their ‘crap detectors’ on; to teach them skills around inquiring, critically evaluating and checking the information rather than total acceptance of what is given.” Interesting read. 5 Strategies That Will Turn Your Employees Into Leaders – ( – Teaching employees how to network, allowing them to struggle at times, and crreating a sense of ownership among them.  Just some of the tips in this piece from Forbes on leadership. How to Get Line Leaders Involved in Learning (Chief Learning Officer magazine) – Dave Basarab looks at the continuing debate about whether employee learning is best handled by the training team or the mangerial team.  In other words, training vs. performance support (and continuous learning).  Take a look.
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