Some L&D articles / blog posts that you might have missed this week

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Hey everyone. I’m going to start posting on each Thursday about 4-5 articles related to learning & development issues from that week which I believe are worth a few minutes of your time.  I hope that you’ll pay attention to these blog and sites in general, as I frequent them daily, and they have a lot of valuable information. So with that said, here are 4 articles from this week:
  1. Supporting continuous learning and performance improvement  – a vital new area of work (Learning in the Social Marketplace blog)- A great post by Jane Hart that urges L&D departments to support “the continuous – or constant learning – of individuals and teams”. Hart said that do so effectively “requires 5 significant changes to the current activities and thinking of L&D,” to which she details in the article.
  2. Now is the time for performance support (Training Industry)- Conrad Gottfredson, chief learning strategist at Ontuitive, writes that there should be a renewed focus in organizations of performance support, which he describes as an “orchestrated set of technology-enabled services that provide on-demand access to integrated information, guidance, advice, assistance, training and tools to enable high-level job performance with a minimum of support from other people.”
  3.  Traditional onboarding of staff requires a shake-up, academic says (Training Journal) – Organizations need to radically rethink their traditional approaches to onboarding new staff to reap the benefits, according to an academic from London Business School, who says that organizations should switch to a new approach called “personal-identity socialization.”
  4. 10 Books for Learning Professionals to Read in 2013 (The eLearning Coach blog) – Connie Malamed  gives some reading recommendations (the post was from earlier in the year, but still relevant).
Happy Reading!
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog