The Week’s Best Articles in Training

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From a creative piece on the importance of training on employee loyalty to the troubling new phishing scams, this week’s best in training offer something for everyone.  1. Once Upon A Time In Training In this creative article written by Margery Weinstein, she offers up some insights into why your trainers lessons may not be impacting your employees the way that you intended them to. 2. A Learning Strategy for Big Data Brandon Hall uses this article to help make the case for big data as a limitless opportunity to track and predict training behavior and uptake. He offers up a variety of ways for the reader to enhance their use and collection of big data and to make the case for CLOs to more appropriately recognize the impact on potential learning initiatives. 3. The Importance of Assimilation In Your Employee Training Program In this article by Eric Basu, he makes the case for assimilation (of the positive variety) of training into corporate culture. His article makes a well-constructed case for a kind of assimilation, which will impact results and fuel dedication and loyalty. 4. Phishing Scams at All-Time High, Employee Training Not Keeping Pace In Joe Ferrara’s article provides an important glimpse into the phishing attacks and the ways that leading cyber security companies are handling increasing number of these attacks. This article contains some important tips to help facilitate better protection and ways to combat these attacks. 5. Why Employee Training is About the Long-Term Finally this article helps us get a better idea of the importance of employee training costs and sessions, both for  boosting employee loyalty and in long term investment. In addition to reducing the costs of turnover, this article will help you make the case for better employee training.
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