The Week’s Best in Training

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1. Onboarding Essentials: What Really Matters to New Employees Ryan Sanders’ article about the importance of mentoring to new employees is critical. He proves that mentoring opportunities mean more to new employees than other perks of the job like free food. 2. The Missing Piece This  article by Koreen Pagano is about the importance of immersive learning. We all know that practice makes perfect, but if we’re not learning from mistakes, Pagano’s article implies we may not be learning much at all. 3. Your Company Brand Includes Employee Training Sharlyn Lauby presents a thoughtful article on the skills gap of new and existing employees. If you’re still under the impression that employee training might not be a great investment, then this article will set you straight. 4. What is Blending Learning Really? Nadine Martin’s article about blended learning focuses on some of the key gains for LD professionals ,which come from blended learning certification. 5. How to Earn Employee Trust Through Good Leadership This article helps articulate the difference between good leadership and management. Building employee trust is critical to your leadership and so learning to manage conflict, offer responsibility and create a cohesive vision is key.
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