This Week’s Best Articles in Training

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In this week’s best of the week in training we’re given some key tips on developing internal training, measuring our training’s success, and navigating the difficulty of training new employees. 1. 7 Key Tips for Developing an Internal Training Platform Dorie Blesoff’s article showcases some of the best ways to improve employee development with this list of 7 critical tips to developing a better internal training program. 2. 3 Ways to Measure Training Effectiveness In this article by John Eades, he offers some insight into how businesses can better measure their trainings effectiveness, especially in light of improved training budgets and attention to new program design. 3. Top 5 Training Design Tips for Everyone In Brent Shlenkler’s article, he offers up a list of critical design tips, which include ways to leverage audience engagement and keep it succinct. 4. 5 Tips for Training New Employees Abby Rosenburger’s article on training new employees helps you better understand how and why new hires are training. In order to build trust and confidence amonst your new employees your business needs to accommodate new learners, new training opportunities and work to provide as much one-on-one training opportunities as possible. 5. Measuring Effectiveness of Training and Development Finally this article can help you get a better grasp of the effectiveness of your training programs. If you’re feeling pressure to measure your training’s ROI, this article can help you get the numbers you need to demonstrate your success.
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