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By: Jason @TStationBlog Silberman  From microlearning to insights from George Bernard Shaw, this week’s best in training offer up some important insights into talent management, and changing learning styles. 1.  5 Ways Talent Management Must Change In Don Tapscott’s article he challenges what he describes as the outdated bureaucracy of talent management. He offers 5 ways that smart companies can create and sustain the best learning environments and more collaborative workplaces. 2. The Only Person Who Behaves Sensibly is my Tailor In Charles Jennings article he uses a quote from George Bernard Shaw to build the case for better metrics in workplace training and learning. 3. They’re Not Learners, They’re People Nick Leffler’s article challenges the label “learner,” in the workplace, especially when dealing with compliance training, and suggest some new ways to look at people learning in the workplace. 4. Learning When You Need It In this article by Peter de Jager learning solutions, he provides some insights into why workplace training doesn’t always work the way we’d like. De Jager makes the case for performance support so we can have what we need, when we need it. 5. The Microlearning Trend: Accommodating Cultural and Cognitive Shifts Jeff Fernandez’s article highlights some observations about “the millennials”and how we can leverage this information to better understand the possibilities of microlearning. 6. Give Thanks, To Your Employees Finally in this article we look at just how to say thank you to your employees this season. From creating a team learning experience to thoughtful thank you’s or gifts, we hope that you’ll find a way to let your employees know that they matter this thanksgiving.

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