Top 3 Employee Computer Based Training Software

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We all know that the SaaS revolution, and the recent mobile boom of the past decade have both taken our being spoiled by the internet to a whole new level. This has made us impatient with the limitations of the old ways when it comes to many things like communications, shopping and entertainment. But, it has also made us rethink how training must work. This has made computer based training software a popular commodity in modern times. Learning management systems are the most common computer based training software concept that’s going around, and that’s ok. LMS concepts are good, and they work quite well. However, there are a host of other solutions besides these that work well, too, and I’ll be suggesting one of these first off. But, the other two are LMS systems of a sort, so don’t be too surprised by that. #1 – WalkMe WalkMe was designed to be a training tool out the gates, so the fact it doesn’t get enough love in reviews of learning tools is a bit upsetting. WalkMe was designed around the concept of learning while doing, with the side benefit of letting real work be done during training, safely. It integrates into the web form, where it can react to states of the form, to surmise user activity and patterns, and prompt and guide the user through complex processes safely. It uses point and click logic to configure for the processes, and offers an intuitive visual designer for menus and prompts, making training (and self service) a snap. WalkMe is a new way to think of training, and it’s one that needs more attention from people at large.


#2 – Axonify Axonify is a corporate scale LMS with an intuitive set of subservices which combine to provide a custom, dynamic experience keyed to your company’s specific needs. With state of the art analytics and metrics capture, as well as open endedness for gamification, behavioral change management and all kinds of graphing and mapping techniques and functionality to deliver a powerful, multimedia experience in learning that has gotten the attention of a lot of very successful businesses in recent times. #3 – Moodle Moodle is the most popular LMS among most, with its open source design making customization and tooling of this LMS quite easy and efficient for your organization. With dynamic grading, powerful automation, intuitive grouping systems, and a communication framework for cooperation of learning and projects, this is a strong system. The downside with Moodle is that, as easy to modify as it is, support for this may be a bit shaky when it comes to some of the different distributions of it out there. But, computer based training software is plentiful and diverse, so just jumping to a default conclusion of what direction you’ll take without looking at your options is a bad idea.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog