Top 5 Training Posts

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1# How do You Create A High Performance E-Learning Team? Creating a high performance e-learning team is one of the most daunting tasks to most people. To achieve success, you must establish a good team. Here are some tips from Steven Penfold on creating a vibrant and high performing e-learning team today. 2# Could Wearable Technology Make Us More Productive? It has being proven that the new advanced wearable devices can improve concentration and postures. The research shows that they can boost productivity by 8%. Here is an expert review by Spencer Kelly on how this wearable device can redefine our workplaces. 3# How To Use Brain Research For Effective eLearning Development Infographic Neuroscience research shows that it’s possible to use improve eLearning through brain research. How is that even possible? Take time to look at this inforgraphic by E-learning Blog Experts. 4# Big Data: A Quick-Start Guide For Learning Practitioners As a business manager, it is recommendable to evaluate the effect of various training programs on the productivity of employees. This will help you to know which programs are beneficial. Jenney Dearborn reviews four companies that use various learning analytics to evaluate training programs. 5# Training Infographic: 5 Reasons Why Responsive E-Learning Is Awesome Responsive E-learning is one of the guaranteed ways of impacting new skills and knowledge on your employees. Here is an infographic that I created earlier in the week that explains the benefits derived from this type of e-learning.
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