Top Articles of the Week on Training

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Hey everyone, Hope everyone is having a good first full week of November. Here some articles that I came across this week that I think you might find interesting. #1 How to Promote Life Long Learning Using Technology Life long learning is becoming increasingly important in the fast changing modern world. Gerry Griffin discusses the benefits of lifelong learning including closing the gap from when you learn something to when you implement it. Griffin suggests that HR departments can encourage life long learning among its employee’s by implementing shorter training sessions and using new technology such as cloud computing and mobile. #2 Are MOOC’s Really The Next Big Thing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have become a very popular learning option but they face certain challenges. Recently Coursera, a provider of MOOCs, setup learning hubs to overcome the problem of uncompleted courses. An Irish based MOOC called Alison is now tackling the problem of how to provide vocational learning for its students. #3 Selecting The Best From The Rest The methods choosen to deliver learning material can be as important at the content itself. Marjore Derven points out that the global e-Learning industry is set to reach $107 billion by 2015. This fast growth is being driven by the demands for new skills, ready access to the internet and mobile and knowledge management and sharing. #4 L&D Needs To Identify Business Needs Better Productivity Specialist Says Productivity expert Kory Kogan suggests that L&D needs to do a better job of identifying business needs and focus on their core requirements. L&D professionals need to learn how to do more with less in the 21st century. He suggests that the brain needs to have a specific target in order to make high value decisions. #5 Workplace Learning Remains A Key Organizational Requirement Last year organizations in the United States increased their spending on employee training to $164 billion. Laurie Miller notes that organizations continue to offer new training and raised spending levels, but at the same time the number of training hours used by employee’s has remained flat. She suggests that one of the causes of this might be the shift towards e-Learning and the increasing importance of technology.
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