Training and Development Articles for This Week

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Hope you’ve all had a good week. As usual, I’ve got you covered with some of the L&D articles and blog posts that you may have missed.  Please feel free to leave your comments below. With that said, here are 5 articles from this week: An Organizational Knowledge Sharing Framework (Life in Perpetual Beta blog) Harold Jarche writes that “There is a lot of knowledge in an organization, some of it easy to codify (capture), and much (most) of it difficult to do so. Understanding how best to commit resources for knowledge-sharing should be in some kind of a decision-making framework that is easy for anyone to understand. This is a first attempt to do that.”  Very interesting article. Talent Tips: Motivating Learners to Learn (Training Magazine) – Roy Saunderson, Chief Learning Officer, Rideau’s Recognition Management Institute, provides four principles and their implications in the design and delivery of training and learning concepts. These principles include the importance of relevance in learning, an examination of attention. confidence building strategies and satisfaction in learning. Skillsoft: Young People Need to be Given the Right Skills for Success (Training Journal) – Kevin Young, general manager Skillsoft EMEA, says that people need to be given the right tools in order so that they can further their knowledge in order to meet expectations. “It is disappointing to hear that major technology companies are struggling to recruit young people in the UK, with many finding that school or university leavers are not ready for work. There seems to be a disconnect between the skills gained while in education and those that employers need their new starters to have. With businesses working leaner and smarter to achieve success, they now expect more from their employees when it comes to basic digital skills, in order to hit the ground running,” he said. Now I would Approach Creating Compliance E-Learning (Clive on Learning blog) Clive Shephard examines the issues of compliance training.  He suggests that e-learning can play a key role here.  He suggests careful and comprehensive planning ahead of devising a plan, and that the plan should then include, among the various possibilities, the use of documentary-type videos to raise employee engagement levels, an element of gamification, resources (web articles, videos or PDFs) which support scenarios with in-depth explanations, a forum for asking experts challenging questions not covered in the program, and more. Turning Potential Into Performance (Chief Learning Officer) – Norm Kamikow writes that employers need to take a more discerning look at how they deploy and invest in the latest crop of talent.  “Right now, millions of jobs are going unfilled because employers can’t find candidates with all of the relevant skills needed. Changing the way organizations invest in the next generation of workers might be the answer to bridging this gap. By letting go of the idea of finding the perfect, experienced worker who meets every possible job requirement, companies can seek out young people with great potential and train them to perform in critical roles.” Worth a read. For additional training materials please reffer to training and development articles page.
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