This Week in Training

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In this week’s best in Training, we look at just how the best teams function. From locating social trends affecting learning, to the dynamics of teams and intelligence, we’re sure that this week’s best will give you a boost. 1. Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others In this article by Wooley, Malone and Chabris, they identify some of the new science in effective teamwork, which can help explain which individuals or teams may function best given changing circumstances. 2. 4 Social Trends Affecting the Dynamics of Learning In The Workplace Avi Singer’s article outlines some key social trends, which are affecting workplace learning. From collective knowledge sharing to the importance of virtual face-to-face interaction, Singer’s article can help you grow some new and dynamic learning experiences. Dollarphotoclub_58707503 3. In Response to Widening Skills Gap, Workers More Motivated Than Ever to Take Learning Into Their Own Hands in 2015 In this press release by they outline that a recent survey of over 1000 employees indicates a general lack of confidence in their skills. This information points to a general feeling that many employees may fall behind in the workplace and points to an interest in continued learning. 4. Developing a Learning Culture Infographic This infographic by Stephen J. Gill, outlines just how to develop a learning culture within organizations. The numbers that Gill uses demonstrates just how important just what can be lost without a supportive learning culture in place. 5. 3 Killer Tips For Cross Training Employees Finally we outline three killer tips for cross training your employees. With this tips in your arsenal we know that you will be able to become more innovative in your cross training pursuits.
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