This Week’s Best Articles in Training

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This week’s best in training offers a variety of insightful pieces about topics like blended learning opportunities, the importance of corporate leadership in training support, and the opportunity that job aids present to workplace training. 1. I Learned 3 Things Last Weekend Tom Hopkins an international speaker and thought leader shares his thoughts from last week. He believes that training excitement is on the rise with today’s youth. He also outlines some important words to help you in your training initiatives. 2. Productive Failure: Should You Ever Let Learners Sink or Swim? Stephen J. Meyer of Rapid Learning takes on the old adage Sink or Swim, and discusses whether either one is effective when training new hires. He uses research and analysis to come up with some exciting and surprising results. 3. The One Reason That Corporate Training Fails No One Wants to Talk About Erik Skilling’s article addresses that uncomfortable reason that corporate training fails. One of the most overlooked reasons? Lack of management and leadership oversight. If you’re looking to improve your corporate training initiatives, then this article will offer some solid advice on how to better provide important training leadership. 4. Job Aids… And If You Need Them This article by Erin Krebs describes how to create job aids and what format and design you should keep in mind during their creation. Her article is humorous and insightful and offers a number of great tips to build an accurate, accessible and useful aid. 5. Why Employee Training Is About the Long Term Finally this article will help you better understand the benefits of learning and upgrading employees skills through training and solid post-training involvement.
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