This Week’s Best Reads in Training

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Training is forever changing, and that’s the way it should be. This week’s articles remind us that the most effective training opportunities are often the most creative, responsive and learner-centered. 1. 7 Tips to Create Effective Blended eLearning Strategy Christopher Pappas’ article will help you create an eLearning strategy, which will help you offer your learners a more responsive and effective eLearning experience. I think you’ll find his learning strategies particularly important. 2. 3 Signs that your Corporate Training Course is Failing its Objectives This article by JP Medved helps you identify some of the failures of your corporate training initiatives. Oftentimes we know there’s something wrong with out learning initiatives, and this article can help you identify just what that might be. 3. 8 Effective Ways to Increase Participation in Training Sessions This article by Varun Arora will help you strike a balance in learner participation and the achievement of educational outcomes. These tips and insights will prove effective especially if you’re having difficulty with training uptake. 4. Three Keys to Building Effective Learning Development Strategy Finally, this is an article on our blog about developing a solid L&D department strategy. If you’re looking to increase your success in L&D, I provide a focus on three key areas which I hope you’ll find helpful and important.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog