The Week’s Best in Training News and Articles

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This Week’s best in training provides a number of insightful articles which will help you become more energized, be better equipped to conduct reference-checks, and even a look into a more digital and up to date corporate training. 1. Is Reference-Checking Training Necessary? Margery Weinstein’s article asks why reference-checking is particularly important and then presents exactly why you should never skip a reference check. If your managers aren’t being trained on just how to reference check Weinstein’s article will stand as a wake up call. 2. 100 Energizers for Corporate Customer Service Training Sessions Myra Golden presents some successful energizers sure to be useful at your corporate customer training sessions. This article contains links to some video which will help you better understand the impact of these energizers. Dollarphotoclub_58707503 3. 3 Reasons You Need to Reinvent Your Corporate Training Program Bryant Nielsen presents this article on reasons to reinvent your corporate training programs today. And whether your training is dated or more recently updated, you’ll find some key reasons to continue with a refreshed training opportunity today.  4. Flipping Training: Going Digital for Better Learning Outcomes Rony Zarom outlines the importance of leveraging digital training for better and more up to date learning outcomes. Steering clear of less effective traditional models of learning means a more efficient and up to date training opportunity for your team.  5. 4 Management Development Training Methods to Know Finally we look at management development training methods which will be sure to prove productive. From simulation exercises to gamification, we hope that you’ll find these employee training methods particularly useful.
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